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Frequently Asked Questions about Sposh Sheets:

1) What are the primary benefits and features of Sposh Sheets?

- Looks and feels like 600 count cotton.
Performance fabric assures breathability and comfort.
Eco-friendly micro-fiber is 100% recyclable.
Dries quickly.
Does not require ironing.
Treated for stain release.
Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.
Extra fine weave protects against dust mite allergens.
18" deep pockets fit newer pillow top mattresses.

2) What is the thread count?

Silks and engineered fabrics do not use thread count as a measure. Thread count is a tool developed by the cotton industry to help ,consumers evaluate sheets. Linen industry leaders, government agencies and retailers are recommending abandoning thread count and in its stead suggesting we should judge sheets by how they feel.

3) Does it breathe?

Yes. Sposh Sheets and other performance fabrics are woven in such a way to allow air to move freely through it.

4) What is a "performance fabric" ?

A fabric that provides functional benefits to the consumer, such as moisture management, anti-microbial, and allergen protection.

5) Will I sweat?

No. Poly-microfiber is the fabric of choice for athletic teams and outdoor wear companies such as Patagonia.

6) What sizes are available?

King: Flat 112" x 108", Fitted 78" x 80"

Queen: Flat 96" x 108", Fitted 60" x 80"

Queen Pillow Case: 20.5" x 34"

King Pillow Case: 20.5" x 40"

7) Is the Cream color an ivory or off-white?

Yes. The Cream color is like "vanilla ice cream"

8) Is the Spa Blue color a true blue?

The Spa Blue color is a light "baby blue"

9) Is the Moonstone color a true grey?

No, the Moonstone color is a taupe (brownish grey).

10) The bottom sheet is 18" deep, will it fit on thinner mattresses?

The bottom sheet has a strong elastic band all the way around the bottom edge. The elastic will pull the sheet tight if you lift up the corners of the mattress when you make the bed.

In extreme cases you may wish to separately purchase "Bed Bands". A popular product is offered at "As Seen on TV".

11) What type of detergent should be used to get rid of stains?

The sheets are pre-treated to release stains, however if there is a stubborn stain then we recommend Spray 'n Wash or Shout.

 12) Washing Instructions for Sposh Sheets:

  • Pre-treat stains following instructions for the cleaning product concentration and treatment times.
  • If possible, please wash Sposh Sheets separately.
  • Do not wash Sposh microfiber linens with other items such as towels, blankets or cotton linens.
  • Use detergent recommended for your washer.
  • Instead of liquid fabric softener we recommend reusable wool Dryer Balls to control static electricity build-up and improve wrinkle free appearance.
  • Wash on Permanent Press Cycle using cool water and cool or cold rinse.
  • Use Slow Spin Cycle if available.

13) Drying Instructions:

  • Set dryer on permanent press cycle with low heat and cool down cycle.
  • Dryer Sheets are not recommended.
  • When the drying cycle is complete, promptly remove the sheets from the dryer, smooth and fold or hang the sheets for storage or put them right on you bed.

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